The Greater New York Construction User Council

The Greater New York Construction User Council (GNYCUC) supports the practical needs of real estate owners and users of construction services by providing a thorough understanding of construction policy, techniques, and management and promoting best practices throughout the industry.

About The Greater New York Construction User Council

The Greater New York Construction User Council (GNYCUC) advances the practical needs of owners and users of construction and construction-related services in New York through an understanding of construction policy, methodology and technology. Our goals are:

  • To promote cost-effective and safe construction
  • To encourage a higher level of professionalism in project management
  • To provide a key forum to discuss issues, policies and laws affecting the construction industry
  • To better understand new technology and new initiatives in sustainable construction

A Tradition Of Service—to Both Sides Of The Table

In the late sixties and early seventies, the real estate industry was confronted with rising construction costs and the impact of construction industry practices on the national economy. Top executives were urged to take a more active interest in construction practices and the effect of construction on overall corporate real estate operations. An outgrowth of this advocacy and involvement was the formation of the Business Roundtable, a national organization based in Washington, D.C.; its mission “to gain a better understanding of the causes of inflation in construction.” In 1971, executives from twelve major New York-based industries formed the New York Construction User Council, or the “GNYCUC.”

Today, the GNYCUC continues to be focused on the needs of owners and “users” of construction services, with the goal of improving the management and cost-effectiveness of construction and related practices. The organization is unique in that its membership is composed primarily of owners — real estate owners, operators and developers, institutions, corporate tenants and facility managers — those who purchase construction services. Associate Members compromise of a minority of association participants, and include general contractors, construction managers, architects, engineers, attorneys and other professionals, insurers, manufacturers and suppliers.

Construction Users Roundtable

GNYCUC serves as the New York City chapter of CURT, which was founded in 2000 by construction and engineering executives representing major corporations worldwide. Continuing a 30-year effort by the Construction Committee of the Business Roundtable, CURT provides a national and international forum for the exchange of information, views, practices and policies of construction users from an array of industries.

An autonomous, not-for-profit organization representing nearly $200 billion in capital and maintenance spending power, CURT strives to produce meaningful changes within the construction industry—promoting overall cost effectiveness; improving the way construction is planned, managed, justified and executed. By providing cutting edge products and services, initiating industry trends and advising key decision makers in the U.S. and international construction industry, CURT offers its members unparalleled benefits and, most importantly, quantifiable results. To learn more about CURT, please visit

CURT Resources


    As the premier construction owner organization around the world, CURT exists to:

    • Improve quality and cost effectiveness in Owner construction and maintenance projects.
    • Represent “the Owners’ voice” to the industry and give Owners direct involvement in national and international construction issues.
    • Provide resources for sharing best practices among Owners.
    • Supply a forum to address mutual Owner issues—especially those of safety, labor relations, productivity improvement and other cost-reduction strategies.
    • Provide opportunity for Owners to network on domestic and international issues.
    • Promote workforce recruitment, education and training, as well as effective construction planning and practices.
    • Provide a repository for Owner resources so they may become more effective decision makers.
    • Communicate and interact with contractors and associations to assure that the Owner’s voice is heard and understood.
    • Improve existing and create new strategic alliances with both open-shop and unionized sectors of the industry.
    • Develop industry standards and Owner expectations with respect to safety, training and worker qualifications.
    • Empower and enhance the effectiveness of Local User Councils throughout North America.

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  • Young Professionals

    The CURT Young Professionals are the VOICE of the next generation of the construction industry – Owners, Contractors, Engineers, and Designers. The primary purpose of CURT’s Young Professionals committee is to promote the goals of the Construction Users Roundtable, to foster influential networks of Owner and Construction Organizations, and to assist in the development of the industry’s young talent.

    They focus on building meaningful relationships, identifying development needs of the construction workforce, and presenting opportunities for improving the way we build. The Young Professionals committee strives to engage upcoming leaders within the construction industry to enable effective collaboration between current and future industry professionals and provide a forum to develop the young professionals of today into effective leaders of tomorrow.

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  • Awards

    The Construction Industry Safety Excellence (CISE) Awards program was established to recognize commendable safety management and safety improvements of owners, constructors, and Local User Councils. The organization will recognize those firms or organizations that have most effectively implemented the recommendations of the CURT Owners’ Safety Blueprint (R 807).

    The CURT Workforce Development Awards are designed to provide significant national and international recognition for extraordinary, exemplary, and innovative training and education programs which encourage individuals to pursue a career in the construction industry and/or enhance an individual's construction skills.

    Presented by The Construction Innovation Forum (CIF), the NOVA Awards recognize innovations in the construction industry that improve quality and efficiency, and reduce the cost of construction.

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  • National Conference

    November 11-13, 2013
    Tucson, AZ

    The 2013 National Conference of the Construction Users Roundtable will be a unique opportunity to network with colleagues, learn best practices and help improve industry performance. The conference is promising to provide outstanding educational and networking opportunities. Be sure to register and make plans to join us in November. The CURT National Conference is one the most important industry events of the year. You won't want to miss it!


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